Twitter for Windows 8

Application that allows you to post tweets, receive notifications and view media or web pages

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    Windows 10 / Windows 8

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Twitter for Windows 8
Twitter for Windows 8 2014

Twitter for Windows 8 was a popular app designed to give you complete access to your Twitter account, but you can now download Twitter for Windows 10 to use a modern version of the app with the classic Windows 8 look.

With millions of users around the world, Twitter is one of the top social media sites around. Once you create an account, you can design your profile and upload a photo or avatar before or after sending out your first tweet. Though you can log into the website with your account information to tweet, you can also use this app to bypass the site.

When you log in for the first time, you need to use both your user name and your profile. One problem with this app is that it will not support multiple users or accounts. It retains the information you entered to keep you logged into that account. If someone else needs to use the app, he or she must log you out and then log in to the system.

The Twitter app puts everything you need in a convenient spot on the left side of the screen. You can use the Home feature, which has the icon of a house next to it, to head back to the home page. The Connect feature lets you search for users with Twitter accounts, but the app will only match to the exact user name that you entered. It also has a Discover feature that lets you enter a hashtag and view all tweets relating to that tag.

Using the Me feature, which has the icon of a human head to the side, lets you change your profile to reflect your interests. You can see how many people you follow and how many people follow you. It also shows you the number of tweets you made, a list of your most recent tweets and your favorites. You can also edit your and update your profile through the app and send and read direct messages, which are private messages between you and another user.

If you use the Twitter website fairly frequently, you may find that you do not need Twitter for Windows 8 or 10 because it doesn't do anything that the full site doesn't do. This app does make it easier for you to tweet and send private messages though, which some like.


  • Features a more modern and clean looking user interface
  • Easy to use features and settings
  • Can keep you logged into your account for a few days or more
  • Lets you check out other sites, other users and tweets via the app
  • Notifies you of new tweets released by those you follow


  • Can block you from tweeting
  • Only works with one account that you sign into after downloading it
  • Can only link to specific users with exact user names
  • Doesn't offer anything really different from the full site

Twitter for Windows 8 is an excellent FREE download that has all of the features that you love from the popular social media network, plus lots of new functions that will help you to share and find content. This official app helps you to take advantage of the features available on your Windows 8 device.

Top Features of Twitter for Windows 8

Some of the features that users are raving about include "Snap View," which allows you to use another app. You can "snap" Twitter into the left or right side of your screen and then begin using another app. This helps you to multitask in a whole new way while watching streaming video, catching up on news, checking email or browsing the web.

The "Share" charm allows you to post a tweet from any other app just by swiping from the right edge of Windows 8 and then choosing "share" to share content, such as news article links, photos or text directly to Twitter. The "search" charm helps you to find what you are looking for quickly and easily. Just swipe the right edge of Windows 8 from any other app and choose the "search" charm to find user accounts, keywords or hashtags.

The "Live Tiles" features helps you to stay on top of the topics currently trending on Twitter. These notifications will alert you to new trends or hot topics, whether you are using Twitter or not. The new photo feature in Twitter for Windows 8 allows you to view images in a landscape view, providing access to larger photos than before. Just swipe across your device to view multiple photos, tap the photo to view full screen or view the image in gallery format.

Pros and Cons

Twitter for Windows 8 is easy to understand and can be quickly used by those familiar with the Twitter social media network. All of the familiar buttons, such as Home, Me, Connect and Discover, are available for quick use. All pages are controlled using a mouse, scroll bars or by swiping the corners of the page. Touch control works better with this particular app than standard computer controls. This app makes it easy for Twitter users to stay on top of trends and other users that they follow.


  • Straight forward navigation
  • Ability to view other content within the app
  • Real time notifications of new trends, tweets and hot topics
  • Quick search function available with a single swipe
  • Photos available in larger formats, including landscape
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Familiar tabs incorporated alongside new feature options


  • Unable to support multiple accounts
  • Daily tweet limits can be a problem
  • App does not work as well on a PC as it does on a mobile device

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